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PintSender Sports

How it works - FAQ

Price - 10% of total sales

  • No set up fees.
  • Includes all credit card processing fees.
  • Volume discounts available.

PintSender Sports is a mobile purchasing option for food and drinks that will help your games run smoothly and boost sales.

Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

  1. Speed up food and drink transactions.
  2. Reduce cash handling and get rid of clumsy hardware.
  3. Reduce wait times to purchase drinks and food.
  4. Free up staff required to sell tickets.
  5. Eliminate the manual counting and reporting of ticket sales & redemptions.
  6. Introduce variable pricing and provide discounts for tickets used during off hours.

Promote Your Games

  1. Send food & drinks to sponsors and others before the event.
  2. Build interest by letting attendees send food & drink tickets to their friends and colleagues.
  3. Leverage unredeemed purchases to promote the next event or expire them automatically to prevent reuse.
  4. Gain another avenue of interaction with your customers!

Improve Customer Service

  1. Completely eliminate food and drink ticket line ups
  2. Introduce or continue cashless vending with PintSender's proven electronic redemption.

Measure & Plan

  1. Monitor sales and redemptions in real-time.
  2. Easily collect statistics on ticket purchasing and redemption.

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