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PintSender FAQ

Here are a few questions we get regularly. Perhaps you're wondering too!

What does a PintSender pint cost?
$9 even.

Does my friend need to be at the bar when I send it?
No. Your friend can be at home, at work or anywhere else they please. They can use the pint anytime after you send it, just like a gift certificate.

Does a PintSender pint expire?
No. PintSender pints never expire.

Can I have any beer I want?
All of our partners have agreed to serve you any draught beer on their menu priced $9 or under.
Note that liquor laws prohibit the redemption of PintSender vouchers for anything priced over $9.

What if I want wine or something else?
Most of our partner bars and restaurants offer a limited selection of wine & spirits for those who'd prefer something other than beer. Please ask your server when ordering.

Are tips included?
No. We'd love to do that but don't have a good way to pay servers directly. Please remember to tip your server when redeeming a PintSender pint.

Are my payment details safe?
Yes. We use the standard 128-bit encryption for all web traffic and we do not store your credit card details on our servers. If you choose to save your credit card details when buying a pint, they are stored for us by Moneris, one of North America's leading payment providers.

Are there any fees?
No. You simply pay $9 for each pint.

How can I redeem a pint that I was sent but can't find?
Just create an account on PintSender using the same email address or mobile number that the pint was sent to. You'll find it in your My Pints list after logging in. Also, if you have an android phone, you can pin text messages to the top so you will always see them. Pin your PintSender text and never lose the link.

Are there any fees for participating partners?
There are no fees and no contracts associated with the PintSender service.

When can I download your app?
Coming soon. Sign up and we'll let you know when it's available.

Please let us know if there is something else you'd like to know by contacting us here.

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